I'll pay as high as $20,000 for certain shock machines!!!

Electric Shock Machines are among the earliest of Penny Arcade games.  They were made by a number of companies including, Mills Novelty, Exhibit Supply Company, Caille Mfg, Detroit Medical Battery, among others.


Automatic Sports Company I'll Pay $10-$20,000 for this game or ones like it!!

The Automatic Sports Company of London England was started by Ernest Matthewson.  The company lasted until the 1920's and made a number of great figural arcade games.  Some had a mermaid for a pedestal, some had a castle, or others were like this.  They made  a number of games including, Cricket Match, Artillery Duel, Football Game, Golf, Horse Racer, Shooting Big Game, and Yacht Racer.

I'll pay you $20,000 if you can find me one of these Exhibit Supply Hole in One golf games.

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GENCO Champion Baseball I'll pay $500-$1500!!!

Genco farmed the past again to create Champion Baseball.  The game featured a small baseball delivered to the front of a wood bat that sat at the foreground of the game.  You swung the bat with the press of a button and hit it into pockets in the rear of the game that provided scoring. The original was made by the Atlas Indicator Co. of Chicago in 1928.  That game had a tiny metal ball and bat, where the Genco had the dressed up big wood bat, big balls, and a huge 7 foot deep cabinet to hit the ball around in.   

Seeburg Grand National  I'll pay $1-$3000 for this game!!!

Seeburg Grand National was made in the early 1930's when gambling on pinball games had become extremely popular.  Seeburg wanted a piece of the coin op game action, so they made this cash payout horserace game.  You would select the number of the horse you wanted to bet on, then the circle of horses would spin, and if it stopped on your horse number, you won!  A classic great looking game.

Chicago Coin Round the World Trainer  I'll pay $2000-$4000 for this game!!!

In the 1950's commercial airlines had revolutionized global travel.  It was possible to circle the globe if you could afford it.  Chicago Coin allowed you to do it at a big discount with Around The World Trainer.  You sit in a craft that resembles an aircraft cockpit, and upon insertion of a dime, attempted to fly the next illuminated city on the map of the world in front of you.  Movement was accomplished by using an air compressor to tip the craft up and down and side to side.  Careful maneuvering allowed the light beam coming out of the front of the craft to line up with the lit city.  Sounds easy, but it's not!  Around The World Trainer is a great game!  Sell me yours!

Mills Owl Lifter Strength Test  I'll pay $4000 for this game!!!

Mills Novelty made a lot of strength testers  from the early 1900's through the 1930's.  A very popular one is the Owl Lifter.  It has a classic look with the Mill's trademark owl featured prominently on the dial face.


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