Gengo Motorama I'll pay $3500 for this game!!!

The Genco Motorama came out in 1957 and featured a 1957 Plymouth Belvedere promotional model as the car in the game.  As you drove back and forth across lighted spots on the playfield, you would advance across the map of the United States.  Who knew driving could be this fun?  I did!  That's why I'm trying to buy this game!

Exhibit Supply Aviation Striker 
I'll pay $4500
For this game!

Exhibit Supply started in business around 1900 by J Frank Meyer.  At the time the company sold printed tickets and paper items useful to the carnival trade.  In the 1920's, realizing that arcade games were becoming very popular, Meyer began making large floor model arcade games in a big way.  The company soon became one of the leaders in producing this style of game.  On this game, a strike of the fist sent Lindberg's plane on a trip across the globe.

Keeney Shoot your way to
Tokyo  I'll pay $2000 for this game!!! 

Shoot your way to Tokyo was the final jazzed up version of the original KeeneyAnti Aircraft Gun.  They added a top backglass and a map to Tokyo where you'd advance closer every time you shot one of the planes flying by.

Automatic Target Machine Company Rifle, I'll Pay $10,000
William Gent revamp  I'll Pay
$5-20,000 for these games!!!

In 1895, The Automatic Target Machine Company made one of the most interesting, inventive coin op machines ever made!  The object was to shoot a rifle at a bull's eye target.  The neat thing about this game was that when you fired the electric rifle, the bullet hole appeared on the target!  Simply amazing!  In the 1920's, William Gent, an arcade operator and game reseller, revamped the machine.  He added a wood cabinet where before there was a cast iron lollipop shaped stand for the target.  In Gent's target case there were airplanes that if hit would spin it's propeller, ducks that would quack when hit, and other interesting targets.  This is a great game and is my main want!!  Please call me if you know of one of these games, and if I buy it I'll pay you $5000!!!!

EVANS TOMMY GUN I'll pay $1000-$2500

Production of Ten Strike was finally starting to slow for H.C. Evans Co. and they needed a great new game to take its place.  In January of 1941 we weren't yet at war, but everybody hated the Nazis, so how about a gun game to shoot at them?  The result was Evans' Tommy Gun, a real classic of design.  The post mounted torpedo shape held the mechanism, while the drum on top showed a war panorama, where backlit Nazi planes would fly by.  Your mounted machine gun came in handy as you ran up a big score as you gunned down the swastika adorned planes.  I want this game!

Chicago Coin Basketball Champ  I'll pay $1000-$3000!!!

The boys at Chicago Coin had 4 years to get it right.  During WW2 the arcade game manufacturers shut down production to build war effort equipment, but that didn't stop the design department.  They loved the Evans Ten Strike and wanted a mannikin game of their own.  Basketball was growing in popularity, so that's where they placed their efforts.  By the time the war ended, they were ready with their winner, the Chicago Coin Basketball Champ.  Featuring the round headed man on their graphics (That would be used on their other games also) and supposedly using surplus plywood from Howard Hughes' Spruce Goose airplane project, they got a jump on the competition who was still looking for scarce raw materials.  The game is a real classic.  You get 15 shots at the basket with your mannikin player, while a player in front of you defends the basket.  I want this game!