I'll pay from $500-$2000 for this type of game!!   

These floor model love testers were made by Exhibit Supply Company and International Mutoscope Company in the 1930-50's. They include: Kiss o meter, Egyptian Ramsees, Smiling Sam the Voodoo Man, Magic heart, Magic Pen, Mystic Eye, Love Pilot, Love Teller, Magic Ball, Blow Ball, Cupids Post Office, etc.  They were very popular in arcades and are still somewhat common.  But I'm still  buying!!!

Fortune Tellers  I'll pay $2000-$25,000!!

What goes around comes around.  That's what happened with coin operated fortune tellers.  The earliest models were made by the Mills Novelty Company.  Their two best; Verbille, which resembled a gypsy in the back of her wagon, and Sibille There fortune tellers had phonograph players inside and would speak your fortune to you upon insertion of a coin.  Later, in the 1930-50's Doraldina Co, International Mutoscope, Mike Munves and others had fortune tellers that lost their voice, but began to have motion; breathing, eyes moving, hand waving over the crystal ball, etc.  They also vended a card with your fortune on it.  This style continued into the 1960's when Prophetron Co. made Zoltan.  Zoltan used an 8 track to deliver an audio fortune to the customer.  I guess a good idea never fades completely.

Sibille by Mills Novelty  I'll Pay $20,000

Princess Doraldina by Doraldina Co.
I'll Pay $20,000

Grandmothers Predictions by International Mutoscope  I'll Pay $10,000

Zelda by International Mutoscope  I'll Pay $5000

Zoltan by Prophetron I'll Pay $3000


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