Novelty Violano

Genco Two Player Basketball

Genco's halcyon days were the 1950's.  Genco (Pronounced with a hard g like goose) was started by the Gensberg brothers, Sam and Lou.  Another Gensburg brother worked at Chicago Coin, but these two wanted to try it on their own.  Their modus operandi was to take an old game that's been off the market for a while, and jazz it up into a new machine.  One of their best efforts was the Two Player Basketball.  Based on Chicago Coin's Basketball Champ, this game had two times the fun, because, as the title suggests, there are two manikin players to shoot at baskets.  Not only that, but instead of one basket, there are now six!  And the points per basket varied with each shot.  A very fun game, and that's why I want to buy it!


Seeburg Chicken Sam  I'll pay $500-1000!!!

The next evolution of the Ray O Lite game from Seeburg is Chicken Sam.  It featured a comical character of a bum stealing a chicken from the farm.  You being the farmer, it was your duty to shoot the rascal!  Whenever you scored a hit, the figure would reverse and run in the opposite direction. The Chicken Sam was extremely popular, which led later to many revamp kits to convert it to a new game, with other characters such as Shoot the Wolf, Shoot the Bartender, Shoot Your Mother In Law, etc.

Seeburg Shoot the Bear or Coon Hunt  I'll Pay $500-2000!!!

You can't keep a good game down!  In the 1950's, Seeburg cranked up production on two new Ray O Lite games: Shoot the Bear and Coon Hunt. 
Shoot the Bear was extremely popular.  It had a grizzly bear that was chasing a dog through the forest.  When you shot the bear, it would rear up on it's hind legs with a roar, and it's eyes and mouth would glow red.  Then it would reverse course and the dog would now chase the bear.
Coon Hunt had two raccoons that would run up trees.  A hit would extract a squeal and the raccoon would drop as if it were shot from the tree.