Cast Iron Strength Test Machines
I'll Pay $1000-10,000

Groetchen Poison This Rat
I'll Pay $2500

Genco Monkey Jungle
I'll Pay $1500

I LOVE Chester Pollard !!!!!!
I'll pay $10,000 for their Rabbit (Coney) Race or Balloon Racer

Chester Pollard Golf I'll Pay $7000!!!

Chester Pollard made a number of interesting sports games in the 1920's, one of which was their golf game.  On their full size game for a nickel you'd get three puts at the three holes with the mannikin golfer.  A fancier hotel model had a meter in the back that registered your strokes.  The countertop version of the game has a put and a drive hole, and was the first model produced. I want this game!


Exhibit Supply Donkey Gold Mine  I'll pay $5000 for this game!!!

On this Exhibit Supply Game a coin inserted would start the mineshaft chain moving and a donkey would exit the mine with a wagon in tow.  In the wagon would be a card with your fortune on it.  As the donkey passed the center cup it would back up and the cart would tip, spilling the fortune card into the cup for you.

Williams Mini Golf  I'll pay $1500!!   
In the early 1960's Harry Williams sold his interest in Williams Electronics and moved to Florida to retire.  Harry Williams retire?  Not on your life!  He started a new coin op game company by the name of Southland Engineering.  Buying a lot of the needed parts from Williams, they made a number of games, one of which was Little Pro.  This game featured a small manikin golfer who would put at hoes on a 9 hole course.  It was a popular game.  So popular, in fact, that Williams bought Southland Engineering to get the game, but also to get Harry out of competition with them.  Harry would rise again, but that's another story.  The Williams Electronics version was called Mini Golf, and was a two player game, vs. Little Pro, which was a single player.