Prices I'll PAY!!!

Keeney Submarine  $1000

By the end of 1941, time was running out for the coin machine business.  Restrictions on raw materials and possible conversion of their factories into war materials plants were weighing heavy on the company owners.  There was time to get out a few more war theme games before the big shutdown.  Keeney had a winner.  The Keeney Submarine rolled out of the factory in November of 1941.  It featured a pistol grip on the front that fired a machine gun stream of ball bearings across a sheet of glass at a submarine, that rose and submerged at the rear of the game.  The idea was to get as many hits as possible before the sub went under again.  A very fun game.


Keeney Air Raider   $4000

Keeney Air Raider was introduced in 1940, it seems the coin op manufacturers knew we'd get dragged into the war before the government did.  Might as well practice our marksmanship!  This is the second version of theKeeney Anti Aircraft Gun.  That original game projected airplane targets on a screen hanging on the wall.  The Air Raider projects onto the war scene backglass at the rear of the game.  Neat game!

Automatic Pistol Range  $2-4000

The Automatic Pistol Range was made in the late 1920's in Chicago.  The thing that made this game possible was the ABT guns which were starting to be made a year or so before that.  The ABT(Adler-Bechtol_Tratsh-The company founders) guns shot a small steel ball.  ABT guns are found on a number of games by various companies, especially pre WW2.  The Pistol Range had electric motors that drove chains and pulled the targets to be shot at. I want this game!